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Learning English with a native English speaker is the best way to learn proper pronunciation. Our teachers give you immediate feedback and guidance. You will learn directly with your own private teacher, ask questions, practice pronunciation and receive immediate feedback.

Our carefully selected teachers are all qualified and use proven teaching techniques to accelerate the learning process of students. Our eLearn teachers are committed to helping you reach your goals. 

Whether you want to learn English for study abroad,
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No knowledge of the English language required


Elementary Level English Course

The A1 Course is an excellent start for students with limited English ability and is essential for anyone interested in ESL.


Upper-Elementary Level English Course

You will learn important grammatical structures in English and greatly increase your vocabulary.


Intermediate Level English Course

You will continue to increase your vocabulary to about 2,000 words as well as develop your speaking skills so you can understand and communicate any message.


Upper Intermediate Level English Course

Your English fluency at this level will allow you to interact effectively with native speakers and extend your vocabulary to approximately 4,000 words.


Advanced Level English Course

You will develop your English language skills so you can communicate fluently, flexibly and effectively for professional, academic and social purposes.



Master English language and idiomatic expressions.

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